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The only ding I can give and it’s not enough to cost a star is the packaging. The wingnuts used for the braces should be in a separate bag (or with the “instructions”). The slats they gave us for Casper mattresses were horrible, after a year they were almost on the floor, in a quick fix we put down plywood but it wasn’t long enough. They are lose and both frames I bought had at least one nut come OFF during shipping and rattle around inside the box. That makes it possible to lose them as well as possibly damaging the finish of the frame from the metal nut banging against it every time the box shifted. What people choose to sleep on and how they rate those choices is very subjective but in our throwaway society I really didn’t want to pay the price and out here Casper mattresses & box springs are made locally and they just slap on the Casper promo brand.

My favorite features of this base are how easy it is to set up and break down, and how compact it is when taken apart. I was initially skeptical that this would support the weight of the Casper mattress and me (I’m a big guy) without making any noise; but we’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it is very sturdy and completely silent. As a bonus we also now have more storage space under the bed. I’m completely satisfied with my purchase. I move a lot (every 2-3 years) and it’s really nice to have something that’s light-weight and folds up, which makes it much easier to move around.


There’s also tons of room for storage! The end of the bed is obstructed by the feet and a cross bar, but there’s plenty of clearance to get stuff in and out using the long side of the bed. When I bought the first frame, for our full size bed, there were a lot of reviews mentioning that it is noisy/squeaky. We owned that frame for 5 years and it never made any noise. I ended up purchasing a floor model mattress from a local store and the box spring was included with the package deal. My mattress ( is slightly smaller than the frame on the corners so the metal sticks out leaving gaps between it and the Casper mattress. The two sections make it easy to assemble in a small space with only six bolts. These two pieces are bolted together in two places to make the end product sturdy. Still easy to move when it is in its full size. It doesn’t squeak when I move which is a huge reason why I bought it as the old bed frame was noisy as could be. We ended up buying the twin version of this for both of my kids beds.

Took less than ten minutes, and my full mattress fits on top. To be honest, it was pretty amusing, but I eventually got sick of reaching up to get into bed. This product was perfect for my situation because it is folded in half when you get it and put it together where you need it. Now I have removed the boxspring, and my bed is at a normal height again.